My Favorite Class

One time in PE with Mr. E we played street hockey and it was fun. I was on Reed, Davis, Hudson, Cayden’s team and we lost by 1 but put up a good fight. We were down by 5 and came back but they got a last minute goal to win. The next game we […]

Broncos Country

Bronco’s Country By Afton When you come into my world you will see a beautiful landscape and beautiful sky. We have the best sunsets and rises. My world has a bunch of soccer. We have the best of the best leagues playing in our world and we have a planet cup every two years where […]

Field Trip

Last week my grade took a field trip to the NC Museum of Natural Sciences. Overall, I loved the experience. My favorite thing at the museum was the butterfly section.What I liked about the butterflies were they were each unique. I have always liked butterflies because they are like other examples of humans each being […]

My Wisdom Tales Project

👇CLICK HERE TO ACCES THE STOP MOTION👇 IMG_0330 In Language Arts for the past few weeks we have been reading wisdom tales and making projects about them. My group and I made a stop motion about a tale called The Talkative Turtle. We used poster board (green and white) to make our backgrounds and we […]